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The Membership Linebacker

Well, our media team is at it again.  Here at our church we finally found the answer to increase our membership.  We got our very own membership linebacker! 

By the way, membership is this Sunday following 2nd service. 

To people who signed up for media team don’t forget about the lighting seminar on June 13th!  Spots are pretty limited, so let me know if you want to come.  Saturday from 8-Noon.

Sr. High Life Group

Ok Sr. High guys & girls…this is hot off the press.  I just got the go ahead & details in order for this.

Starting Tuesday June 16th at 6:30pm we’re doing a life group for only our Sr. High guys & girls.  We’re meeting up at Lary Peterson’s house. 

The only thing you needs is a Bible.  We’ll take care of the rest the 1st week & then explain the rest!

Hope to see you there!


ReFUEL Poems from May 24th

Jesus Thumbs Up

So I hope everyone had a great memorial day. Mine was rather eventful from fixing my car which broke down over the weekend, moving into my new house & then off to a pool party. From which, I am very sore from!

Well, ReFUEL was amazing on Sunday. We had a blast with BBQing on the grill…we had 39 students. We missed some of our regulars that weren’t there!

During the service we did this group time, each group had a certain name but then had to write a short poem about how cool God is…

GROUP #1: The Detonators

“Our God is an awesome God!
He reigns from heaven above with wisdom & power.
God is so beautiful to me
He is the M&M of the Christian world.
One way Jesus, Your the onle One I could live for.
I’m desperate for You.”

GROUP #2: The Chocolate Rabbits

“God You are so cool
We come to worship You at ReFUEL.
It’s like eating ice cream in the pool,
Anyone who disagrees is a fool.”

GROUP #3: The Veterans

“God is really cool,
He won’t play you like a fool.
God is really great,
He does not have hate.
God is like a gravy biscuit,
Just like a tasty trisket.”

GROUP #4: The Gangsta Church

“God is smart, He saves your heart.
He helps us get through stuff, He’s more than enough.
He’s cool like Kayne West, you can just forget the rest.
I really love the big J.C.
Because He wants to save you & me.”

Just wanted to tell all you guys at ReFUEL, you guys rock!  Keep up being CREATIVE FOR CHRIST!

New ReFUEL Promo Video

Hey guys, Matt Walker just handed me our new ReFUEL promo video for this weekend.  You’ll see more of these videos.

Yesterday Keith Suggs & I did a lot of recording.  We did 2 videos and our very first podcast for Refuel.  Be sure to check it all out. 

Let me know what you think!

A love story…Boaz finds his Ruth


Lately I keep thinking more about relationships.  Especially intimate relationships…and I know I’m the only one thinking about it.  I just had someone tell me that they’re praying I find a woman soon!  Pretty funny…but it’s kept me thinking…

From the story of Ruth shows an incredible story about relationship. 

Boaz was an accomplished man

  • A true woman of quality will not be found unless you are a man of accomplishment & significance. 

Ruth was no ordinary woman

  • She was devout, hard working, took initiative, leadership & servant minded, not to mention probably beautiful on the outside as well!

Boaz had his house set in order.

  • I don’t believe a man of God can have a quality relationship unless he has his house, life & ministry set in order.  He was established in his work…

But then Ruth was serving one day…she had no intention of finding a man!  Boaz wasn’t in a desperate search of a woman either!  But DESTINY UNFOLDED!  WOW! 

Boaz then stepped up as a man & took notice.  He knew about Ruth because of what he heard, but never saw her until now.  He knew this was a woman of quality & she was right in his field.  He felt honored by it, but what struck him was he saw from a distance, some woman following & working hard. 

Here’s the provoking key thought:  She was laboring in his labor! 

  • Think about it…Boaz worked hard to build this field, Ruth was working hard in reaping from it & helping harvest it….THEIR MINISTRIES WERE WORKING TOGETHER!

Boaz saw this from far away, then when he got closer & saw her beauty…UH OH!  He was caught up, hook, line & sinker!  So he took care of her…he didn’t want her to go to another field.  (A.K.A. meet another man)  Boaz wasn’t no slouch…he didn’t want to be a mooch & make her pay for the meal or treat him to dinner!  (Stay away from the losers ladies!)

So Ruth is interested in Boaz as well.  And she asks her mother-in-law for some advice.  She could’ve easily brushed off her advice as some old woman who didn’t know what she was talking about. Young ladies…your mom or grandmother has some wisdom!  LISTEN TO THEM!  Ruth’s mother-in-law told her to lay at his feet & care for him…

Some women get offended when you tell them that they should lay at the feet of their husbands & be submissive.  But that has been taken so out of context in our generation today.  Ruth trusted this man Boaz.  He 1st took care of her, provided for her…& this wasn’t just a paycheck!  This wasn’t about just giving her a house & food…that’s what some people think is a good relationship.  But Boaz communicated with her, he took time to spend with her, give her what she needed most in life, gave her protection & respect.  Boaz was a powerful man that could’ve took her, but he wanted to win her!!!!!!! 

When Ruth saw this (And I know she respected her mother-in-law’s instruction) , but I think it’s so deeper than that.  I think she wouldn’t lay down & submit (being willing to be under his house, not treated as a slave), she wouldn’t give herself to this man until she saw what kind of man he was.  He proved himself to her & she knew this was a man of God that respected her enough to make sure she wasn’t harmed or went without!

Definition of Submission by the dictionary: “1. to give over or yield to the power or authority of another.  2. to subject to some kind of treatment or influence.”

  1. (Boaz didn’t notice her beauty until he finally met her upclose & personal)

Men, make sure you find a woman who won’t just use you either.  But if you want a woman that is of quality & value…get your stuff together & in order.  And learn how to keep your eyes open & off yourself.  Be generous & giving, compassionate & loving, selfless & thoughtful!  And when you find that woman…RESCUE HER, PROTECT HER, PROVIDE FOR HER, SPEND TIME WITH HER, COMMUNICATE WITH HER, PROVE YOURSELF TO HER…


 A hopeless romantic,


A Gradual Progression…

Sorry this has been a little delayed…but just another thought.

To piggy back off of my last post….love makes you do the strangest things.  It makes you get outside of your character & personality. 

In my devotional time earlier today I was thinking about this Scripture verse…

Psalm 1:1 – “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.”

It’s a progression towards apathy & civilized Christianity. 

1st WALKING… When you trip up, you can easily recover from it, just keep walking.  But when you’re walking on the wrong path, it’s going to have a progression…

2nd STANDING… This gets you to stop.  You’re walking, going fast, getting to where you need to go, then all the sudden you slip up.  So you’re at a ‘stand’ still.  Standing means you’re questioning what you’re doing.  You’re standing just like sinners.

3rd SITTING… This means you’re willing to do the wrong thing.  Then you sit scornfully rationalizing what you’re doing.  Scorn compares yourself to others.

  • EXAMPLE:  Jesus told Peter if he followed then he would die.  Peter then asked what would happen to John the beloved.
  • Jesus said, “What’s it to you?  I’m talking about you…not John.” 

“The greater the kingdom responsibility, the greater the sacrifice, craziness of faith & commitment.”

ReFUEL Leaders Meeting

Whoa!  What an awesome meeting!

I have made an incredible discovery…I have the best volunteers in the world.  I would put them up against anyone! 

We had our monthly youth staff meeting with our volunteers & leaders.  The Holy Spirit exploded on us.  There was such conviction in the place tonight. 

As I was praying, something came over me & started having flashes of all of our kids faces.  I had to pray for a protection over everyone of them.  The enemy would love to have them right now. 

I had to do an entire audit of our ministry.  I figured I could easily hammer this out.  But the deeper I got involved I quickly found out I needed to first pray harder & open my mind.  I feel I have my uncertainties but I’m not unclear about what to do.  God started giving me ideas & visions of our ministry.

No matter what ReFUEL, with our volunteers, you’re in good hands.  Especially when they’re backed up by God’s hands!

To every other leader out there…cherish your volunteers!  Appreciate them, care for them, watch out for them, pray & fast over them…you’ll be better in the long run!

Love all of you guys & thank you ReFUEL Volunteers!


p.s. If you would like a copy of my audit of refuel just send me an email at  Just to warn you, it’s an 11 page report!


Here’s what we went over tonight:

Dates to Keep in Mind

  1. May events/Silent Auction – need help for the next 3 Sunday’s with setup & tear down.
  2. June 4th website launched with 1st podcast show.
  3. June 5th – Stratum Laser Tag (2pm – 6pm $20)
  4. May 31st – June Series is “Hooked” (Don’t bite, Swim in Schools, Get rid of the Hook, Swim Free)
  5. June 16th Staff Meeting at 6 (Tentative)
  6. June 21st NO REFUEL (Father’s Day)
  7. June 25th Beat the Heat – Polar Ice
  8. July Camps – need to choose a fun night for the Friday following camps.


Future Plans Over the Next Few Months

9.   Volunteer training and development

10. Another tier of discipleship.  Creating some environment where this could be accomplished.  (Student Leadership-Sr. high only with possible trip for just Sr. high students)

11. Re-decor of zone for ReFUEL Jr.

12. Structuring of our volunteers, goal of 30 volunteers by September with an organized set monthly schedule. 

13. Follow up team launched with phone calls to first time guests

14. Website launched with weekly podcast, blogs, media, polls, downloads for parents, N-Touch.

15. First time guests package.

16. Birthday packages for kids.  Nothing is done for their birthdays.

17. T-Shirts for staff and for sales at our cafe.

18. Mentorship (Barnabas project – we offer to Sr. High students to get involved in a deeper level of ministry.  It’ll be a month long program, they assist a ministry leader on Sunday’s & commit to one day a week during the week to come help and learn.  That day will consist from a couple of hours to the entire day if desired – they’ll also have a bi-weekly or monthly class taught by different staff members)

19. Media team launched (ReFUEL News, podcast shows, sound, lighting, shows, funny videos, editing, etc…)

20. Structuring out what ReFUEL is going to look like with three services.  Possibly canceling the first service and only doing second and third service.  Another option would be doing a full out service in the mornings just for ReFUEL Jr. and then Sunday night’s become just for Sr. High.


refuel logo

Hey guys I wanted to give a big shout out to all my kids & volunteers at ReFUEL!  Major props to all who made it out last night.  We had a blast.  I wanted to keep you all updated on stuff going around here.  I made the announcement last night but this for you who didn’t make it.

June 4th will be the launching of our very own refuel website.  So hit up  Also we’re putting together a media team, be sure to join up next week so we can get this off the ground.  The media team will be shooting refuel church news, funny videos, podcast shows, sound, lighting, short films, & so much more.  Our very own Chris Seegars will be helping out in a major way!

This Sunday also is our Silent Auction.  We’ve got an authentic Super Bowl football signed by Larry Fitzgerald himself.  And the program they give out at the Super Bowl signed by him as well.  Bidding starts this Sunday after 1st service!

Ok guys that’s all for now, check out my blog later in the day for a cool thought I’ve been thinking about & going to get up for you later!

Peace, love & hair grease…


Thoughts on Love…

I wanted to try & post this yesterday but my computer crashed with a virus.  As I’m typing this out I’m in the process of still downloading my programs.

But I had this thought sometime ago on the subject of love.  Which I am no expert, but had this mini revelation. 

Jesus was asking just 1 thing from the disciples…”FOLLOW ME.”

So I got to thinking…when you fall in love, it causes you to act.  It’s not saying, “I believe, you’re in my heart, now it’s all done. That’s it.”

Here’s the truth:


It causes you to change certain things to better the relationship.  You’re letting things go in order to hold onto something.  Meaning…whatever you’re left holding is what you love & desire most. 

Life is all about holding to somethings & letting go of others to get closer to what you desire & love most.  And this is what kept ringing in my mind…


Jesus said, “Take up your cross, deny yourself, lost your life, & follow me.”  He was calling us to an expression of our commitment & love.  Love is expressed through sacrifice & servanthood.

Here are my words, but what are my expressions…my action:


Life is not about building mysef a safe, comfortable, secure surrounding…it’s about fighting to follow Christ.  Which = Sacrificing & giving it all! 

Sell what you have, give it all away. 

A Sell Out to Christ,


I DON’T want a Relationship with God!

I knew the headline would get your attention.  But I’ve been thinking…”Do I really want a relationship with God?”

Coming from a broken home I’ve seen what relationship can be.  BROKEN!  Relationships vary from all types.  Relationships can be great!  But somewhere along the way the relationship becomes strained or stagnant…possibly & sadly even break!  Relationships can become abusive, inspiring, using & demanding.

Wow there’s a thought…a demanding relationship. 

So I have come to the conclusion…There is NO way in my right mind that I want a relationship with Jesus Christ!  I will never tell anyone to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I apologize to all those who I have told that…


I want a thing called “ONENESS” with Jesus Christ.  Jesus said it this way… “I am the vine…I’m in you & you’re in me.”  (At least that’s how it’s supposed to be)

Relationship is great…but the thing is…you can only be so close to a person.  In relationship you’ll never truly know every part of that person, what they’re really thinking & all the secret parts. 

But when you’re in oneness with God, that means you’re in the mix, that so called, “vein”.  You know where God is moving & headed.  There’s no question about it.  No hesitation with anything.  You know what the Spirit is thinking. 

This isn’t a church thing either!  We drill people into thinking that as long as you go to church then you’re safe.  And people equate salvation with the church.

But oneness is an every day thing.  Day in & day out.  Relationships can hurt you.  I hear they can make you or break you.  But oneness will always keep you.  Because God always picks me up where my limitations drop me off.  And God will never leave me where the world drops me. 

Desperate for Him,

Joshua O’Bannion

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