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Well folks, my friend Natalie Lopez & I am are now proud owners of our very own 365 Card from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  We get free coffee (which I hate coffee) & a free doughnut everyday for a year. 

I love things that are free.  Pastor Brendon woke me up this morning & told me free doughnuts were still available.  Well, you don’t have to tell me twice, I’m husky & love doughnuts!  Free & food when put together are magic words for me.  I’ve woke up early for free denny’s pancakes, free breakfast, free chik-fila & now free doughtnuts.  I’m not even a morning person!

But it’s just amazing that many people will wake up early, drive for miles & wait in lines for hours for something free.  If starbucks was giving away any free drink, I guarantee millions (including I) would wait for our free starbucks!

My question then comes, why do we chain ourselves up spiritually when God calls us to freedom?  Simply put, Jesus said, “I have a better life for you.  It’s full of peace & joy.”  Granted it’s not problem free, but does come with free peace, joy & freedom. 

I get so frustrated with myself & others like me that put ourselves in bondage.  The thing that God keeps troubling me with is, “Neither give place to the devil.”  My Pastor talks about it all the time.  That even though our heart is filled with God, Satan comes & takes a small piece of our heart.  And even though we kick him out, we still will battle with him in that area for the rest of our lives.  Because he knows how to get in.

My prayer today would be to live like I’m free.  Not careless or ignorant believing I can do whatever I want to do.  But living free through Christ!

Living Free,



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  1. : ) Said:

    So um … can I borrow your card on the days you’re not using it? At the very least, let me have your cup of coffee.

    “Why do we chain ourselves up spiritually when God calls us to freedom?”

    Maybe it’s because of our blindness to see that we are in chains. If prison doesn’t feel like prison most of us fail to see that it is actually prison.

    And many of us choose not to sacrifice comfort (regardless of how unhealthy) for the unknown – the possibly uncomfortable. When you got up this morning, you knew you would get a donut eventually. You knew that you might have to wait in line, but you knew that the wait wouldn’t be that long.

    In seeking God’s freedom, we are unaware of the magnitude of the sacrifice and what the end entails. We have no idea of when the reward will arrive or even what the reward will be. And for many of us, that’s just too much to risk to wait. Because we THINK we know the now and we’re okay with it. And we KNOW we don’t know the future and that’s not okay with most of us.

    Instead we should focus instead on knowing the promise – that regardless of the wait and whatever the reward that it will be worth it, better than the now and for the good of us and all those connected to us. But that’s hard to remember – especially when the pressing is uncomfortable and when we’re not yet convinced that prison is indeed prison.

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