ReFUEL Leaders Meeting

Whoa!  What an awesome meeting!

I have made an incredible discovery…I have the best volunteers in the world.  I would put them up against anyone! 

We had our monthly youth staff meeting with our volunteers & leaders.  The Holy Spirit exploded on us.  There was such conviction in the place tonight. 

As I was praying, something came over me & started having flashes of all of our kids faces.  I had to pray for a protection over everyone of them.  The enemy would love to have them right now. 

I had to do an entire audit of our ministry.  I figured I could easily hammer this out.  But the deeper I got involved I quickly found out I needed to first pray harder & open my mind.  I feel I have my uncertainties but I’m not unclear about what to do.  God started giving me ideas & visions of our ministry.

No matter what ReFUEL, with our volunteers, you’re in good hands.  Especially when they’re backed up by God’s hands!

To every other leader out there…cherish your volunteers!  Appreciate them, care for them, watch out for them, pray & fast over them…you’ll be better in the long run!

Love all of you guys & thank you ReFUEL Volunteers!


p.s. If you would like a copy of my audit of refuel just send me an email at  Just to warn you, it’s an 11 page report!


Here’s what we went over tonight:

Dates to Keep in Mind

  1. May events/Silent Auction – need help for the next 3 Sunday’s with setup & tear down.
  2. June 4th website launched with 1st podcast show.
  3. June 5th – Stratum Laser Tag (2pm – 6pm $20)
  4. May 31st – June Series is “Hooked” (Don’t bite, Swim in Schools, Get rid of the Hook, Swim Free)
  5. June 16th Staff Meeting at 6 (Tentative)
  6. June 21st NO REFUEL (Father’s Day)
  7. June 25th Beat the Heat – Polar Ice
  8. July Camps – need to choose a fun night for the Friday following camps.


Future Plans Over the Next Few Months

9.   Volunteer training and development

10. Another tier of discipleship.  Creating some environment where this could be accomplished.  (Student Leadership-Sr. high only with possible trip for just Sr. high students)

11. Re-decor of zone for ReFUEL Jr.

12. Structuring of our volunteers, goal of 30 volunteers by September with an organized set monthly schedule. 

13. Follow up team launched with phone calls to first time guests

14. Website launched with weekly podcast, blogs, media, polls, downloads for parents, N-Touch.

15. First time guests package.

16. Birthday packages for kids.  Nothing is done for their birthdays.

17. T-Shirts for staff and for sales at our cafe.

18. Mentorship (Barnabas project – we offer to Sr. High students to get involved in a deeper level of ministry.  It’ll be a month long program, they assist a ministry leader on Sunday’s & commit to one day a week during the week to come help and learn.  That day will consist from a couple of hours to the entire day if desired – they’ll also have a bi-weekly or monthly class taught by different staff members)

19. Media team launched (ReFUEL News, podcast shows, sound, lighting, shows, funny videos, editing, etc…)

20. Structuring out what ReFUEL is going to look like with three services.  Possibly canceling the first service and only doing second and third service.  Another option would be doing a full out service in the mornings just for ReFUEL Jr. and then Sunday night’s become just for Sr. High.


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