A love story…Boaz finds his Ruth


Lately I keep thinking more about relationships.  Especially intimate relationships…and I know I’m the only one thinking about it.  I just had someone tell me that they’re praying I find a woman soon!  Pretty funny…but it’s kept me thinking…

From the story of Ruth shows an incredible story about relationship. 

Boaz was an accomplished man

  • A true woman of quality will not be found unless you are a man of accomplishment & significance. 

Ruth was no ordinary woman

  • She was devout, hard working, took initiative, leadership & servant minded, not to mention probably beautiful on the outside as well!

Boaz had his house set in order.

  • I don’t believe a man of God can have a quality relationship unless he has his house, life & ministry set in order.  He was established in his work…

But then Ruth was serving one day…she had no intention of finding a man!  Boaz wasn’t in a desperate search of a woman either!  But DESTINY UNFOLDED!  WOW! 

Boaz then stepped up as a man & took notice.  He knew about Ruth because of what he heard, but never saw her until now.  He knew this was a woman of quality & she was right in his field.  He felt honored by it, but what struck him was he saw from a distance, some woman following & working hard. 

Here’s the provoking key thought:  She was laboring in his labor! 

  • Think about it…Boaz worked hard to build this field, Ruth was working hard in reaping from it & helping harvest it….THEIR MINISTRIES WERE WORKING TOGETHER!

Boaz saw this from far away, then when he got closer & saw her beauty…UH OH!  He was caught up, hook, line & sinker!  So he took care of her…he didn’t want her to go to another field.  (A.K.A. meet another man)  Boaz wasn’t no slouch…he didn’t want to be a mooch & make her pay for the meal or treat him to dinner!  (Stay away from the losers ladies!)

So Ruth is interested in Boaz as well.  And she asks her mother-in-law for some advice.  She could’ve easily brushed off her advice as some old woman who didn’t know what she was talking about. Young ladies…your mom or grandmother has some wisdom!  LISTEN TO THEM!  Ruth’s mother-in-law told her to lay at his feet & care for him…

Some women get offended when you tell them that they should lay at the feet of their husbands & be submissive.  But that has been taken so out of context in our generation today.  Ruth trusted this man Boaz.  He 1st took care of her, provided for her…& this wasn’t just a paycheck!  This wasn’t about just giving her a house & food…that’s what some people think is a good relationship.  But Boaz communicated with her, he took time to spend with her, give her what she needed most in life, gave her protection & respect.  Boaz was a powerful man that could’ve took her, but he wanted to win her!!!!!!! 

When Ruth saw this (And I know she respected her mother-in-law’s instruction) , but I think it’s so deeper than that.  I think she wouldn’t lay down & submit (being willing to be under his house, not treated as a slave), she wouldn’t give herself to this man until she saw what kind of man he was.  He proved himself to her & she knew this was a man of God that respected her enough to make sure she wasn’t harmed or went without!

Definition of Submission by the dictionary: “1. to give over or yield to the power or authority of another.  2. to subject to some kind of treatment or influence.”

  1. (Boaz didn’t notice her beauty until he finally met her upclose & personal)

Men, make sure you find a woman who won’t just use you either.  But if you want a woman that is of quality & value…get your stuff together & in order.  And learn how to keep your eyes open & off yourself.  Be generous & giving, compassionate & loving, selfless & thoughtful!  And when you find that woman…RESCUE HER, PROTECT HER, PROVIDE FOR HER, SPEND TIME WITH HER, COMMUNICATE WITH HER, PROVE YOURSELF TO HER…


 A hopeless romantic,




  1. Good Stuff Said:

    The thing that jumped out at me most about this story is how very different their approach to marriage was from how we do things today. Neither of them patrolled their jobs, the clubs, THE CHURCH for a spouse. They were both focused on being about their father’s business (where have we heard/read that before??). They were showing good stewardship over what was already before them, which then showed that they could be stewards over much more – a spouse, a family, etc.

    How about we all become more committed to focus on what God has laid before us now and let Him provide for us what His word already said He would?

  2. joshobannion27 Said:

    Great comment. I perfectly agree. I was talking of college ministry & how it can’t become a dating site. It has to be about pouring into people…like you said, the Father’s business. It will fall into place…sometimes just frustrating & lonely while waiting.

    Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it.

  3. Good Stuff Said:

    I was once told that frustration often – if not always – stems from our disappointment in things not going the way we want them to go and when we want them to go there. I’m learning that I can either wait on God patiently or be frustrated with God for taking so long. I can’t be both.

  4. joshobannion27 Said:

    That’s very true. Frustration is the expectations we have & then haven’t happened. I like that.

  5. Jacqueline Thomas Said:

    wow that was EXTREMELY powerful to me! and especially since we’ve been talking about the waiting to awaken love and guarding your heart and things like that. i now finally get the story of ruth and boaz! thanks so much! you’re a GREAT writer and should continue! i’ll keep reading your blogs! 🙂

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