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My 25th Birthday & random thoughts

So here it is, my 1st official blog!

I’m sitting here just reflecting on the past year of my life.  Year 24 was a very crazy year for me.  There were very high times & low times.  I made some incrdible friendships & relationships that will last for a lifetime.  On the other hand, had some relationships end, which reallywasn’t a bad thing at all.  I ended moving across the country from Parma, Ohio to Tempe, AZ.  Never would’ve imagined that.  But in each of these moments I learned some valuable lessons that I would not replace.

I keep hearing this scripture over & over in my mind…

Ecclesiastes 3:1 – “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

In some strange way it there really is a reason for everything happening.  Even the so called “non-interventions” of God.  Even when it seems we get hurt, fall flat on our faces, no matter what its God opening up something new.  It’s like a new door opening up to an entirely new stage in your life.  I think it’s best put… “There are no coincidences, it’s just God’s way of remaining anonymous.” 

It’s amazing how God will truly answer prayers that seem meaningless or simple.  There have been people that have come & gone, and there will be more people that will come & go…just figure out who is going.  I’m concerned for the ones that are pushing away, because I know they should really be staying & not leaving.  It hurts, but I’m complete amazement at the way things work themselves out.  Everything has a reason. 

You’ll meet some people that may do you wrong, but it opens up a door to someone they knew that you needed to meet.  And the only way you could meet that person was to go through the bad one. 

I’ve just got all kinds of thoughts racing through my mind.  For the 1st time in a long time I’ve got this motivation that I’ve been missing for a while.  Everyone goes through a down time & hard time like a drought.  But just remember this….

“When you have a set back, don’t take a step back, because God is planning your comeback!”


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